We are a family operated rescue/Saintuary home.

We are not a major company or an organization of any kind, It is a mission we started to help animals as well as people around the world who are in need of our personal help.

We are 100% NGO

What do we do?

It's our choice to make a difference!

We put together food bags and pass them out along with water bottles to the homeless people personally around LA whenever we can get the time and money together as a unit. 

We help with different types of extremely difficult situations of abuse whenever we are able.

We try to help with shelter, as well as other resources whenever we can from people to animals.

Everything we do is out of our own personal pockets.

This is a special sanctuary home we started to make a difference between the two sides of humanity. 

Again we do not get help from any state or government agencies and we never will, as they have limits for helping animals and people.

We help animals in situations that they are going to be killed to have a second chance in life.

Most of the animals we take have been extremely abused from sexually abuse to the extreme physically abused, we take only the hard cases that othe don't.

We help care for them almost like a  foster home, as we try to adopt them to good homes once they are healthy and adoptable.

We help pay the cost for medical care on our rescues that come into our care from extreme physical abuse to the  sexually abused cases.

We handle the abuse cases the public is hidden from.

Let others know about us.

We dont hold it against a shelter but to turn away a life because of care and or cost isn't how it should be but sadly it is here in the United states, the worst part is veterinarian hospitals also do the same for sick and injured animals.

When a shelter turns away an animal that has it insides hanging out and needs emergency medical attention due to being sexual abuse by a human that is where we come into the life of a rescue.

When an animal that has been beaten by its owner and fights back and is due to be killed that is where we come into the situation.

When an animal has a sickness and needs to be killed due to cost of living and treatment and surgeries that is where we come into the life of the abuse animal.

So many animal's and so many kinds of situations, I can't believe that we live in a world where we would rather give our money to a man to by a car then to use that money for food for the homeless people and animals who have been abused.


However we sadly can't take them all as this is a home and we are very limited as far as what we can and can't do, we are in Hope's to grow bigger and expand as we are starting to reach out the the general public. 

We are in hope's to relocate several rescues and ourselves to be able to expand our efforts and mission to make a difference.

We highly recommend the No kill shelters to people and different rescue groups in many states.

We can help post your pets for free adoptions only on some social media for you as well as help with some information on the no kill shelters that are only self-contained.


We are not an animal shelter and can not take just any animal, as we are not licensed to do so.

Always remember to microchip your pets and fingerprint your children.

It will take a world to destroy something or someone...

* BUT *

It takes that one person who stands out alone in the world.

The one person who is different then the people around him/her...

That one person who can change and fix the wrongs against humanity....

That One person who can keep it safe for generations to come....

And that my friends is what we are doing here.

We are that one family making a difference in the world.

how can you help?



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Let's make a difference